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California Contractor Insurance

California Contractor Insurance?

California Contractor Insurance is needed for all general contractors.  As a general contractor, you are responsible for putting together all of the activities in a construction project. You bring together everyone engineers, architects, sub-contractors you supervise the construction site, manage the flow of supplies, oversee crew members and vendors, and communicate important information to various parties involved in the project. With all of these responsibilities, you also inherit the risk that is associated with all of these activities. Accountability starts with you and works its way down. ConXis Insurance Services our insurance professionals can help you find a comprehensive policy that will allow you to feel confident that you have the right coverage.

California Contractor Insurance – What Policies Do I Need?

California Contractor Insurance needs can’t be met with one policy. Because the general contractor oversees the entire project he/she will need insurance to insulate them from risk throughout the project.  Here are the most common policies needed to have a successful Texas contractor Insurance Plan. ConXis Insurance Services will educate and guide you to tailor a policy for you.

  • Commercial general liability insurance – The general contractor has responsibilities to oversee the entire project. To protect you from common liability claims that may arise out of the work you do, you need commercial general liability insurance. The general liability policy can include coverage for bodily injury and property damage resulting from negligence on your part.
  • Commercial Umbrella Insurance – Commercial umbrella policy covers you for exceeding large claims. It comes into effect after your policy limits have expired on large claims. This insurance helps you from financial ruin as these large claims can be catastrophic.
  • Professional liability insurance –  A professional liability insurance policy helps protect service-providing individuals like general contractors and their workers from bearing the entire cost of defending a negligence claim made by their clients. It also pays for any damages that may be awarded in a civil lawsuit. The contractor needs to make sure both coverages are provided in their liability policy
    • Ongoing Operations–  this covers the contractor while they are doing work on the project. 
    • Completed Operations– covers a contractor’s liability for property damage or injuries to a third party once contracted operations cease
  • Commercial property insurance – Commercial property insurance protects commercial property from such perils as fire, theft, and natural disaster.
  • Inland Marine Insurance – Inland Marine insurance covers goods in-transit either on land or through shallow water, as well as certain types of movable property
  • Workers’ compensation insurance – Accidents happen. Workers Compensation Insurance will help cover the costs of your medical, hospital bills, g missed wages, and funeral costs, should the injury or illness result in death.
  • Commercial auto insurance –  commercial auto insurance policy provides coverage for physical damage that your vehicle might sustain, in addition to injuries which you or your passengers might suffer. Similarly, it can also cover the costs of your legal defense Should a case become litigated.
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