Calfiornia EPLI Insurance?

California EPLI Insurance(Employment Practices Liability Insurance)  has become more and more necessary for business to consider . Our society has become more and more litigious and unfortunately businesses are being dragged to court more and more for employee-related claims.  These lawsuits founded or  unfounded require a business to defend themselves and court and attorney fees add up very quickly. ConXis Insurance Services understands the market and can walk you through the process of exploring whether or not an EPLI insurance in Texas is right for your business.

What Does Texas EPLI Insurance Cover?

Ultimately it is the responsibility of the employer to create a safe and inclusive work environment. This can significantly reduce the risk of lawsuit however the risk is never completely gone. California EPLI Insurance s is there to bridge the gap. Here are some of the issues EPLI insurance can help protect you from:

  • Sexual harassment claims
  • Discrimination lawsuits
  • Wrongful termination claims
  • Breach of employment contract claims
  • Negligent evaluation issues
  • Failure to employ or promote
  • Wrongful disciplinary action
  • Hostile work-environment accusations
  • Mismanagement of employee benefits packages

Basically, an EPLI policy will protect against most employment-related class action or legal proceedings other than on-the-job injuries that would fall under a workers compensation policy. ConXis Insurance’s Services experienced agents can help guide you through the process. We here to help.

Texas and California Epli Insurance


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ConXis Insurance Services is founded on the principle that your protection and security is our business.  As an independent insurance agency we work with you as a team to provide you the best coverage at market competitive prices. Our philosophy is to grow with you and service your needs as your life and circumstances change over time. Our pledge is to provide you the highest level of customer service and professionalism to exceed your expectations and earn your trust. ConXis Insurance emphasizes the needs of our clients above all. Our mission is to provide protection and peace of mind for our clients.  Our success is based on your continued satisfaction.

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