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California High Value Home Insurance is for homes with people with high net worth. A standard homeowners policy simply would have all the necessary coverages that you would need to protect your high value home.  With a home of high value a homeowner will typically valuable furnishings, and precious items that need to be insured.  This would require a policy with specialized features to meet your needs.

ConXis Insurance Services understand that need and our agents have experience in meeting your unique needs and can tailor a customized California High Value Home Insurance policy specifically for you.

What Does California High Value Homeowners Insurance Cover?

California High Value Home Insurance has many options to choose from as with standard homeowner insurance.  One thing that is common though is offering a higher liability limit.  These limits are designed to protect policyholders from damages that occur both on and off the property.

Many expensive homes have quality attributes like extravagant swimming pools and backyards. This causes attention and sometimes unwanted claims to the property. The property owner is considered responsible for any harm caused by them, even if they are used without the homeowner’s consent. For instance, if a child in the neighborhood sneaks into your yard and sustains an injury swimming in your pool uninvited, you could be held liable. Higher liability limits offered from High Value Home Insurance come in handy when these types of claims arise.

Liability Insurance to Cover Household Employees-  Large home often requires the need for help. You may want to have extra liability coverage to cover medical expenses if a  helper should be injured while in your home or on the job. This coverage will extend to include any damages in the event you are sued and deemed responsible for their injuries. As well as potentially covering your employees’ lost wages while they are away from work.

Flood Insurance: Typical homeowners insurance policies do not provide coverage for flood damage. Texas High Value Home Insurance recognizes that the National Flood Insurance Program does not provide coverage anywhere near the amount needed by high-value homeowners, so most will provide flood insurance as part of their package.

No-cost home inspections – Many higher-end insurers offer home inspections at no additional cost. This allows insurance companies to cover the property at the correct level. This is highly recommended, especially if your home has custom finishes that could increase replacement costs.

Partial loss –In the event a covered loss affects only one portion of a home — such as damage to half of a bathroom’s floor tiles — most insurers are under no obligation to ensure the replacement materials match the originals. Standard homeowners insurance policies will replace the flooring with like kind and quality. In some cases, these won’t necessarily match. High-value home coverage often goes a step further by matching replacement materials with the originals, even if it means replacing undamaged materials.

Pair or set conditions – If a single high-value item in a pair or set is damaged, standard insurance companies do not typically cover the value of the entire set. Because of the elevated coverage limits of high-value home insurance companies, pairs and sets are often fully covered even if the damage is sustained by just one item.

Employment practices liability – This coverage is often overlooked and can be a big unexpected  coverage option for those who have in-home employees. Employment practices liability covers you against accusations of discrimination and wrongful termination.

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We understand that your home is your single largest personal investment. You have put a lot of time and money into maintaining your home. You need to feel good knowing that your home is protected and insured. ConXis Insurance Services is proud to be your High Value Home Insurance Resource. We are happy to review your coverage.  If you would like to schedule a free consultation please contact us at 714-563-4333.

California Homeowners Insurance Policy Is About Financial Protection.

Your homeowners policy is about financial protection.  For most people this the purchase of their home represents the single largest personal investment that a family will make. It only makes sense to protect your investment and memories with a Texas Homeowner policy.  Your home faces risks every day that include fire, natural disasters, burglary , vandalism , theft to name a few.  If one of these instances occurred your life could change overnight. To protect your self against this potential for loss. Having the right homeowner’s policy will not only give you financial security but will all you to be confident that should something happen you will have coverage for the occurrence.

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