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California Liquor Liability Insurance

California Liquor Liability Insurance?

California Liquor Liability Insurance is an important coverage for any business or event that serves alcohol. Where there is liquor and alcohol there is risk to the business owner who serves it . California Liquor liability insurance is designed to protect the business from loss or damage that is caused by a patron at your business who caused loss or damage to themselves or others as a result of being intoxicated.  ConXis Insurance Services  as an independent agent has many carriers to help you find the right coverage for your business.

What Does California Liquor Liability Insurance Cover?

Many businesses are mistakenly under the impression that their General liability policy will extend coverage for liquor-related claims.  The reality is that the general liability form specifically excludes liquor-related losses if your business sells, manufactures, distributes, serves, or furnishes liquor.  Liquor endorsements for the most part are simply not offered on the general liability forms for any operation that regularly serves liquor on or off-premises, even though they are not considered “in the business.” If your business has a liquor exposure this makes liquor liability insurance in Texas a must.

Liquor Liability Insurance provides coverage for bodily injury or property damage for which you may become legally liable as the result of contributing to a person’s intoxication.  The policy is built specifically to provide coverage for business ‘in the business of’ manufacturing, selling, distributing, or serving alcoholic beverages for a charge.

Polices can vary in the verbiage, however, liquor liability insurance policies are typically similar. The contract is designed to insulate you from the risk of injury caused by someone to whom you sold, served, or furnished alcoholic beverages. The insurance company agrees to defend you against any suit that seeks damages alleged from people you sold, served, or furnished alcoholic beverages. Let ConXis Insurance Services help you find the right policy for you and your business.

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