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What is California Personal Umbrella Insurance?

California Personal Umbrella Insurance is one of the best-kept secrets in the insurance business. Umbrella Insurance is an inexpensive relative for the liability coverage that you receive.  This coverage is used to protect you when that one big insurance claim happens.  An umbrella policy is activated your underlying home or auto insurance policy limits have been exhausted.  Anyone can purchase personal umbrella insurance to cover them in case other liability insurance falls short or does not apply. It provides benefits when the underlying liability policy has reached its limits, and the claims are higher than the underlying limits. It is designed to insulate insured from catastrophic loss.

What Does  Personal Umbrella Insurance Cover?

Personal Umbrella Insurance is personal insurance that covers liability after other applicable when primary policy limits have been exhausted. Umbrella policies may also provide added coverage for the legal defense of some lawsuits and claims that other policies would deny. Because it provides expanded coverage, umbrella insurance may provide coverage for some claims that other underlying liability insurance covers in addition to other policies. Umbrella policies do have exclusions; if necessary,  you may be able to cover with a rider.

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Who Needs Personal Umbrella Insurance In California?

ConXis Insurance Services recognizes that we live in a very litigious society today. Sue is not just a middle name anymore it seems to be commonplace in both our business and personal life.  It is a best practice that if you have any type of assets, have access to some in the future, for example, an inheritance, or future income potential that it would be in your best interest to have a Texas personal umbrella insurance policy.  The cost typically would run less than a cup of coffee that you would buy your self on the way to work every morning. We are happy to review your coverage.  ConXis Insurance Services is here for you.

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