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California Wildfire Insurance

California Wildfire Insurance

California residents are finding that as they re buying new homes. In some areas, it is becoming harder and harder to find home insurance.  This is because insurance companies are becoming more selective in what they deem to be brush areas. Thus the need for California Wildfire Insurance.  New homeowners are limited in their insurance options available to them.

ConXis Insurance Services  insures homes, condos, townhomes, renters, landlords, mobile homes, and rental units throughout California in high brush and wildfire areas. We have access to many A-rated insurance carriers that will insure your property whether it is a luxury estate, small studio, or anything in between.

Our agency also specializes in escrow closings with properties in high brush regions and work directly with your lender and escrow officer to make sure your escrow closes on time.

California Wildfire Insurance- What is Brush?

Brush is considered to be any bushes, shrubs, thicket, trees, (alive or dead), or any other “unmanaged” vegetation near your home or property. This vegetation can potentially light on fire, burn and/or fuel a wildfire. Vegetation or trees growing in thick bundles (especially low to the ground) are more of a threat as brush as a fire source. Homes within close proximity to native flammable vegetation are of great concern to insurance carriers. Piles of dead yard debris, tree branches, dried grass, etc. are also considered uncleared brush.

If you have a yard with manicured vegetation (i.e. groomed plants/trees), this is not typically a concern unless the greenery is touching the home, roof or hanging within 3 feet over the roof.


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Why Choose ConXis Insurance Services Agency?

ConXis Insurance Services is founded on the principle that your protection and security is our business. We work with you as a team to provide you the best coverage at market competitive prices. Our philosophy is to grow with you and service your needs as your life and circumstances change over time. Our pledge is to provide you the highest level of customer service and professionalism to exceed your expectations and earn your trust. ConXis Insurance emphasizes the needs of our clients above all. Our mission is to provide protection and peace of mind for our clients.  Our success is based on your continued satisfaction.

What Our Clients Say

“Appointing Chris as our broker to all of our polices has been a key decision in our business. We’ve worked with multiple brokers over the last 13 years and Chris has been great to work with. Chris has spent time to ensure we, understand what the policy entails and does/ not cover in order to make the best decisions for our business….”

SERVPRO, Yorba Linda Brea

“Chris has handled both my personal and business insurance needs in both a timely and professional manner.   He’s easily accessible and very responsive.  I’ve referred business customers of mine to him and he’s treated them the same way he did me.  I would highly recommend Chris for all your insurance needs.”

Steve Jones , SRJ Financial

“Great all around Insurance agent!!! Very efficient and good with communication. Takes time to listen to the client and make sure they not only have the best price, but that they have the proper coverage for when you need the insurance. My family and I know we are safe and protected with Chris”

Steve Williamson

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