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Protect Your Home With California Condo Insurance

California Condo Insurance is designed to pick up coverage where your condo association coverage leaves off.  This is all predicated on what the “master policy” covers. Typically there are two types of condo association policies.

  • “All In” or “single unit” condo master policy– this policy typically covers the outer.  walls of the dwelling and common areas as well as the fixtures: this would include appliances, plumbing, wiring, and carpet. Note it does not cover any personal property furniture, closes, jewelry, etc.
  • “Bare Walls In” Condo Master Policy: This policy does not cover anything contained within your walls. It also may not cover plumbing or electrical systems.

The condo insurance that you purchase will look to compliment the coverage that is provided from you from the condo association.  The California Condo Insurance policy will often have included in its loss of use in the event your condominium becomes damaged to the point where you would have to temporally live elsewhere.

How Does  Condo Insurance Work?

If there is significant damage to your Condominium then typically two policies will be used to pay the claim. The condo associations master policy  (HOA policy), will cover damage to the condo building and the grounds.  Where your California Condo Insurance policy will cover damage to personal property, installed or attached fixtures and appliances.

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Start Saving on Your Condo Insurance Immediately!

Understand Where To Look For California Condo Insurance Discounts

Saving money everyone wants to do it. Understanding how you can save on your Texas condo insurance by knowing and understanding what the insurance companies look for to offer discounts is important. Remember each insurance company is different. Here are a couple of items that offer discounts and are simple to do.

Smoke Alarms and Fire Extinguishers– Installing smoke alarms in each room offers an added element of safety to your home. It also provides for discounts.  Adding a fire extinguisher in your kitchen offers discounts.

Sprinkler Systems – New condo now have sprinkler systems installed in the home. This allows for a significant discount.

Multi-Policy– Commonly called “Bundling”. When it makes sense to have multiple policies condo insurance and auto  with one carrier can provide savings.

Other Discounts – Always ask about other discounts.  Each carrier has other items that they may offer. One common one is a claim-free discount . If you have not files a claim in last five years on previous carrier, new carrier may offer a discount.

Know The Benefits of Condo Insurance

ConXis Insurance Services understands that working and maintaining your condominium is one of the largest investments of your time and money.  Take the time to understand your insurance coverage. Your  Condo Insurance Policy will come in and pick up where the HOA insurance leaves off. Make sure that you understand what is covered under the polices.  The bank requires you to have Condo insurance to make sure their investment in the mortgage is covered.  You should do the same to make sure your interests are covered. Allow ConXis Insurance Services to help you through the process.

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