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Workers Comp Insurance In Texas

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Workers Compensation Insurance in Texas

Even though Texas doesn’t require most private employers to have workers’ compensation insurance, it is considered to be a best practice ot purchase workers compensation insurance. ConXis Insurance Services can help your business find business insurance solutions to your unique workers compensation insurance needs. We’ll find creative solutions that result in safer and more productive workplaces, more confident and secure workers, and overall savings that translates to your  bottom line.

Workers Compensation Insurance in Texas insolates business form risk.  Claims can be costly and leave a business destitute without having proper coverage.  ConXis Insurance Services understands this and we work with our clients to find the proper coverage to protect your business for these types of catastrophic loss.  Belwo we ahve compiled osme ofthe benefits offered by workers compesnation to help illistrate the ipmpratnce of the coverage to your busienss.

Medical Benefits – Texas workers’ compensation provides injured employees with all necessary and reasonable medical care related to the Texas workplace injury. Medical benefits can include: surgeries, hospital visits, dental care, podiatry, nursing services, medical supplies, laboratory services and prescribed medication.

Income Benefits – Workers’ compensation in Texas includes wage loss compensation which includes: impairment income benefits, supplemental income benefits, temporary income benefits and lifetime income benefits.

Vocational Rehabilitation Services – Texas workers’ compensation provides rehabilitation and training to injured employees who are unable to return to their previous employment. Rehabilitation and training services are provided by the Texas Rehabilitation Commission and other private providers.

Texas workers who refuse rehabilitation may, under certain conditions, loss some of their work comp benefits. Vocational rehabilitation services can vary by state but may include: job counseling, job training, and job modification.

Death Benefits – Death benefits may be paid to qualifying beneficiaries or dependents of a Texas worker who dies from a work injury or occupational disease. Death benefits may include wage loss compensation up to 75% of the deceased worker’s wage. Deceased workers children, dependent grandchildren can all be considered dependents. In some rare cases, parents may also be considered beneficiaries.

Death benefits may also include payment for burial expenses up to the state’s maximum allowable amount.

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What Types Of Injuries Does Texas Workers Comp Insurance Cover?

Texas state law determines what types of injuries are covered by workers’ comp insurance, but there are general guidelines that can help you understand what typically qualifies for a workers’ comp claim.

These include:

  • No intentional self-harm, harm that results from drug or alcohol use, or fighting.
  • Must fall within the “course and scope” of employment. If you get into an auto accident on your way home from work after you clocked out for the day, that’s unlikely to qualify.
  • Long-term occupational injuries, including back strain from repetitive motion. When you think of work-related injuries, you probably think of one-time events — but damage can occur over a long period of time. As long as the injury or illness is clearly associated with the employee’s work responsibilities, it may be eligible.
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