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California Earthquake Insurance in Texas

Do I Need California Earthquake Insurance?

There is a common misconception that damage caused by an Earthquake is covered on a California Homeowners Policy. That is why the homeowner needs California Earthquake Insurance! California Earthquake Insurance is specifically designed to cover a property owner in the case of earth movement. ConXis Insurance Services is here to help guide you through the process to help you understand what policy works best for you.

California Earthquake Insurance What Does It Cover?

The purpose of the California Earthquake Insurance Policy is to help put a roof back over your head. It is not designed to replace everything that was lost due to the quake. Your policy is broken down into three main parts:

Coverage A – Dwelling 

  • The dwelling limit on your California Earthquake Insurance is the same as the limit on your homeowners insurance (dwelling coverage).
  • California Earthquake Insurance offers deductibles of 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, and 25%. You do not have to pay your deductible upfront to receive a claim check, it is simply the amount deducted from your total covered losses.
  • As with most earthquake policies, California Earthquake Insurance would exclude landscaping, pools, fences, masonry, or separate buildings.
  • Exterior masonry veneer is not covered unless you add that coverage.

Coverage C – Property

  • The limit starts at $5,000 and you can increase the limit to $200,000.
  • Valuables like china and crystal are covered if you purchase optional breakables coverage.

Coverage D – Loss of Use

  • Coverage designed to cover a  rental home, apartment, or hotel room; restaurant meals; a temporary telephone line; moving and storage; furniture rental; and laundry.
  • Is reasonable time needed to repair your home or find an alternative permanent home
  • The Loss Of Use benefit ranges from  $1,500 to $100,000.
  • Loss of Use does not have a deductible.
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What Earthquake Insurance Does Not Cover

Fire – Earthquake insurance usually does not cover anything that your homeowner’s policy already covers. For example, your homeowner’s policy covers fire damage, even if an earthquake causes the fire. Therefore, your earthquake policy does not cover fire damage.

Flood – Earthquake insurance does not cover water damage from outside your home, such as a sewer or drain back-up, flood, or tsunami. For example, if you live near a lake that floods your home after an earthquake, earthquake insurance will not pay to repair the damage. A flood insurance policy will cover you.

Land – Usually, earthquake insurance does not cover damage to your land, such as sinkholes from erosion or other hidden openings under your land. You may be able to buy limited additional coverage to restore or stabilize land.

Vehicles – Earthquake insurance does not cover damage to your vehicles. Check your auto insurance policy to find out if it covers that damage.

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