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California Auto, Home, & Life Insurance Specialist

Protect Your Home with California Homeowners Insurance

ConXis Insurance Services understands there is not one California insurance carrier that is right for everyone.  Each person’s Home Insurance coverage needs are different. Unlike auto insurance, where the policies are pretty much the same, homeowners’ insurance policies can be quite different, depending on the “form” numbers (or insurance small print). We service the California and Texas Homeowner markets and have over 25 carriers to choose form.

We Work With Many California Auto Insurance Carriers

Risk is associated with everything that we do. Driving your car everyday is one of the more riskier things that we do.  ConXis Insurance Services realizes that most people especially home owners need more coverage than just the minimum McKinney Auto Insurance  .  ConXis Insurance Services offers over 25 carriers that will offer different rates and coverages that will meet your particilar needs.

ConXis Insurance Offers Texas Life Insurance Options

ConXis Insurance Services recognizes that everyone needs California Life Insurance.   Every family has financial obligations that need to be met when one of the primary money earners unexpectedly passes away. As a parent you ave to be concerned about living quarters, college education, day to day living expenses of your family. It is a tough discussion but a necessary discussion to have to make sure that your family is able to move forward in your absence. We at ConXis Insurance Services understand this and offer a full spectrum of Texas Life Insurance options to meet your specific needs. Reach out to us and we can find the right term life insurance, universal life insurance, or whole life insurance policy for you today.

Protect Family with auto, home and Life Insurance


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California Personal Insurance Tailored for You

ConXis Insurance Services builds our polices by looking to understand the client. The policy will be designed around your everyday life,  your needs, and risks. We are here to guide our clients through the California Insurance process.  Our agents are here to take your call.

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Term, Whole Life, Universal Life Insurance


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 Life Insurance Coverage Tailored for You

We build our polices by looking to understand the client. The policy will be designed around your everyday life,  your needs, and risks. ConXis Insurance Services is here to guide our clients through the California Life Insurance process.  Our agents are here to help you make a decision for both today and prepare you for tomorrow.

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Term Life

Versatile Permanent Life Insurance

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Your  Home Insurance Experts

ConXis Insurance Services understand that your home is your single largest personal investment. You have put a lot of time and money into maintaining your home. You need to feel good knowing that your home is protected and insured. ConXis Insurance Services is proud to be your California Home Insurance Resource. We are happy to review your coverage.

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